Voyager Bus Company Christmas Choir Sings for the Community

DULUTH, Minn. — Employees of the Voyager Bus Company have come together for years as a Christmas choir, traveling to different health and care facilities around Duluth to sing and spread the holiday spirit. On Sunday, they jingled all the way to 4 different facilities, and residents and staff helped sing along.

Office staff, bus drivers, and family of employees have been a part of this Christmas choir for about 4 years. They enjoy taking the time to give back and make others happy.

“This a very short commitment in my choirs part, it’s only 2 months and so that their jog and exuberance is too notch the whole two months because this is the culmination of our being together from the first of October to the second weekend in December,” Cindy McCormick, Choir Director, said.

And the staff gets to enjoy the singing as well, “it was so wonderful it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit, I just love it,” Phyllis Hom, PCA at Saint Ann’s Residence, said.

The choir chooses different facilities to head to every year, but they continue to return to some of their favorites.

“We usually try to get to 4 different places and each year we would, sometimes we do repeats, Saint Ann’s is a repeat, but we always try to add at least one new facility,” McCormick said.

And after a long time of visitors not being allowed to come in the building during the pandemic, it’s nice to bring back an event for the residents to attend and enjoy.

“It’s coming around, people are so much happier now to see people moving around, people coming in. They need this so bad because they don’t have a lot of visitors coming in so something like this really helps them out,” Hom said.

Seeing how much they love the music is gratifying for the performers too, “it’s always so much fun for the reaction that we get from the folks that we visit and spread a little joy for and it just lightens our hearts and puts a waltz in our step heading into Christmas,” McCcormick said.

But staff hopes that others might be able to see the support from the community, and join in on giving back.

“I think the residents loved it, I wish we could get more of it, hopefully someone will see this and call and ask if they can come in,” Hom said.

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