New Kenwood Plaza Building Proposal

DULUTH, Minn. — The potential for a new building to go up in Duluth’s Kenwood Plaza is just a day away from being decided.

The developer wants to build a 1,200 square foot retail or office building and potentially a new restaurant.

The planning commission will meet tomorrow at five to decide if the proposal is a go. The commissions director says it would add more action to an already vibrant section of town.

“We’ve seen lots of demand in our higher education areas, this is close to both the UMD and the Saint Scholastica campuses, it’s got easy access to downtown and arrowhead road, so this is a very positive thing for that part of the city, but also for the city over all, as we see expansion in this corridor,” Adam Fulton, Deputy Director of Planning and Economic Development said.

The planning commission’s meeting is virtually Tuesday at five.

The public is invited to give input, and the link to the meeting can be found here.

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