Red Cross Sending Northlanders to Kentucky for Recovery Efforts

DULUTH, Minn. — The Northland Division of the Red Cross will be sending down volunteers to assist with the tornado relief in Kentucky.

Three Duluth-area volunteers are heading out today, and one Iron Ranger will be going out there tomorrow.

The volunteers range in their expertise, some are nurses and others have the skillsets to help with shelter needs.

The northland volunteers will be station at the headquarters for disaster response and sent out from there to do a variety of tasks.

The deployment lasts for two weeks.

While helping others going through a traumatic experience, the red cross wants to make sure the volunteers remember to take care of themselves, too.

“Cold weather has its own challenges. There are different challenges even in terms of the environment you’re working in the equipment you need to bring and taking care of yourself.  So one of the things we want to make sure we do is make sure the volunteers are taking care of themselves so they can take care of others,” Northern Minnesota Red Cross Executive Director, Dan Williams says.

With the length of the deployment changing depending on the scenario,  members of the red cross anticipate these volunteers could stay there a bit longer assisting in the relief.

“We represent the northland very well. But I think it also does something else very important. These volunteers bring back these experiences and this training to help locally when there are responses,” Williams says.

The red cross is looking to send more volunteers down to help Kentucky tornado survivors in the coming days.

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