Unseasonable Weather Not Wanted at Lester-Amity Chalet

DULUTH, Minn. — The unseasonably warm days are adding a little concern about the longevity of this winter’s ski and snowboarding season.

At Lester-Amity chalet in Duluth the warmer weather can ruin ski trails.

The lack of frozen ground has not let the trails develop a consistent snowpack.

It’s a mixture of conditions that are making some in the skiing community a little anxious especially if warm spells continue much longer.

“Not having cold temperatures early enough means that we don’t have snow and the ground stays warm so we have our snow cover for less and less now,” Duluth Cross Country Ski Club Member, Louise Levy says.

Members of the Duluth Cross Country Ski Club want to remind hikers to stick to their specific trail to avoid messing up what’s out there on groomed ski trails.

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