Medical Providers Encourage People Resume Cancer Screenings

DULUTH, Minn. – One of the many effects the pandemic has created is that fewer people have gone in for cancer screenings.  Medical providers say that trend is starting to reverse, but they are advocating that more people return to these preventative measures for their overall health.

“We had a lot of patients coming in, especially spring and summer of this year,” says Doctor Anna Perelshteyn, a physician of Oncology and Hematology at St. Luke’s. “For an oncology clinic, we do see a lot of patients that got back on their screening tracks and did get diagnosed with, say, breast cancer or colon cancer.  They were happy that they were able to catch it and have the medical treatment necessary to treat it.  They were thankful that they did not miss it for one more year.”

Doctor Perelshteyn adds steps are being taken to limit the spread of COVID.

“And everyone gets screened, and when they walk in people do wear a mask.  All the precautions are taken, so it is as safe as potentially any other activity.  The screenings are not done in the ER or acute illness places.”

While hesitation will likely persist due to the virus, medical professionals want people to do their part to get screened early so that a diagnosis can be made, and a treatment plan can be successful.

“When you look at the risks and benefits, that still would make sense to err more on the side of caution and try to get back to health care screenings, try to get back to medical care,” says Doctor Perelshteyn.

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