ISD 709 Addresses Concern Of School Threats Stemming From Disturbing National TikTok Trend

DULUTH, Minn. — The ISD 709 superintendent is addressing the issue of school threats being made over social media, causing safety concerns for students, parents, and campus staff in the city.

In an email sent on Thursday, superintendent John Magas passed along the information that was sent to all school districts in Minnesota from the state’s Department of Public Safety and Department of Education.

The email details a disturbing trend on TikTok that is spreading across the country, which references a Friday, December 17th threat to campuses “for every school in the USA, even elementary.”

According to the email, investigators believe the post wasn’t made in Duluth and is part of the larger problem happening on the platform nationally.

It’s unclear who is behind these kinds of posts, but the email says that state law enforcement does not believe the threat is credible at this point.

The email goes on to say “the MN Department of Public Safety is reporting that the origins of this threat remain unknown and there is no evidence to suggest that any severe incidents will occur on this date, within Minnesota or the U.S. more broadly.”

The Duluth school district is working with the city’s police department to keep an eye on the threat.

The Duluth Police Department will have extra patrols around the campuses on Friday as a precaution.

The email strongly discourages re-sharing these types of threatening posts on social media, as it can cause more stress for all the students and staff who are at these schools, along with their families.

Magas adds that it is still crucial for students to report these types of posts to the school and trusted adults so they can alert local law enforcement.

He also says it’s critically important for families to have multiple kinds of conversations with their kids, ranging from social media safety to gun safety.

“We ask families to monitor their children’s social media activity and speak with them about proper behavior online, and remind families to properly secure weapons at home,” Magas wrote.

This email to school families comes one day after Ordean East Middle School addressed a concerning Snapchat of multiple weapons sent to several students at the school.

In that Snapchat post, the Ordean East administration said the photo didn’t have a message or threat with it.




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