Northland Christmas Trees in Short Supply

Northland Christmas Trees in Short Supply

DULUTH, Minn. — If you’re still looking for a fresh Christmas tree this holiday season you may be out of luck.

That’s because after starting to sell them in mid-November, Hoffbauer Tree Farm saw a large rush during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though they sold the same amount of trees as last year, they sold out by December 11th which is two weeks earlier than they would normally stop selling trees.

“We would have liked to be done like this coming up Sunday or Monday. That was our plan going in,” Hoffbauer Tree Famers Owner, Doug Hoffbauer says.

Farmer Doug suggests checking Dan’s Feed Bin over in Superior for more Christmas trees if you’re still looking.

He also says that because trees take almost a decade to grow, they have no way of adjusting the supply with their current stock.

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