Duluth Officials: Mask Mandates Don’t Look To Make a Comeback

DULUTH, Minn. — As the Omicron variant and others continue to threaten the US including the Northland, people are starting to wonder if mask mandates will make a return.

Multiple states have already re-instated their indoor mask mandates like California and New York, but with cases rising, and Minnesota seeing a larger surge of the virus, the question lingers of whether masks will be required statewide, or in the Twin Ports.

But Duluth City Officials say they don’t anticipate any mandates any time soon.

“I just hope folks wear them, I hate them too, I don’t like masks either, but if you’re at the grocery store, or you’re at a bulldogs game, it’s just something easy to do that really doesn’t take much effort,” Arik Forsman, City Councilor of Duluth said.

Councilor At Large Arik Forsman says they are following what public health experts are saying, and are not in any conversation about a mandate currently, but they continue to encourage masking up as well as getting vaccines and booster shots.

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