Sun Country Airlines Takes Off For Its First Weekend

DULUTH, Minn. — Even though temperatures are below freezing outside, people packed their shorts and t-shirts in hopes of a direct flights to Fort Myers or Phoenix as Sun Country Airlines makes its official open here in Duluth.

This is the first time the airline has been offered in Duluth, giving people the chance to escape the freezing temps, and head somewhere warm for a getaway. Currently, it’s a seasonal service, but the airport is already seeing a positive response from those looking to travel.

“It really speaks to the hunger for additional air service in this market especially to fun destinations. You know the winter has set in now, people are looking to get away to some place sunny so to have direct flights directly to phoenix and fort Myers is a tremendous add for this community,” Tom Werner, Executive Director, Duluth Airport Authority said.

“I love to travel, and the fact that we’re having a new airline come in with two more destinations to go to is super exciting,” Kristy Ramey, Hermantown Native, said.

The airport offered a special giveaway during their launch, where attendees could bring a suitcase to the event, register for either Fort Myers or Phoenix, and hope to win the drawing to jump on a free flight that night.

“It’s one way that we can give back as an airport to the community that’s been so loyal to us over the years, stuck with us as we’ve tried to grow our air service and it’s just a way that we can say thank you,” Werner said.

Along with the flights, winners also got three nights in a hotel for free at either destination.

“I picked Florida, its winter here, it’s cold, we got a lot of snow and ice over the past couple of day and I looked at the temperature for Florida this morning, it was like 86 degrees and I’m like okay I could use a trip down there,” Ramey said.

Seeing the amount of people hopeful to win, and be a part of the experience too, was the ultimate pay off for staff.

“At the registration desk we’ve heard a lot of anticipation, excitement and just hope that they win and so it’s really really cool to see,” Werner said.

Besides the giveaway, community members are still eager to jump on one of these direct flights.

“We actually already have a flight booked in February so we’re leaving in the middle of February on a Friday and coming back right here Monday to Duluth so we’ve already taken advantage of it,” Ramey said.

Two Duluthians won the giveaway and took a guest for the weekend trip, but the Duluth International Airport also offers a bus service to the Minneapolis Airport for other direct flights to sun country destinations.

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