Caution Recommended This Holiday Season As Hospital ICU Beds in Limited Supply

DULUTH, Minn. — Healthcare workers continue to fight the deadly Covid-19 virus.

This as hospital beds are at an all-time short supply with flu season on the horizon.

Currently in St. Luke’s, over the last month, they have cared for a little over one-hundred patients who were hospitalized due to Covid-19.

85% of those patients were not vaccinated.

Additionally, Minnesota hospitals have seen over 1,500 hospitalized patients throughout the last two weeks.

Capacity is at a limit as area hospitals don’t have sufficient staffing.

With St. Louis County health leaders saying November has been the third-highest number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 this year, they want people to be cautious this holiday season.

“We want people to celebrate the holidays. We know how challenging last holiday season was for everybody. We want people to do it safely. We want people to wear masks, to get vaccinated and to stay home if you’re sick,” St. Louis County Public Health Director, Amy Westbrook says.

That layered mitigation and simple things like masking in public, experts say, are our best defense against the ever-changing virus.

Experts also highly recommend getting testing before the upcoming holiday gatherings to help keep your loved ones safe.

“A test performed a day or so before you gather can do a lot to prevent further outbreaks. Those outbreaks can spread to vulnerable people. Some of whom can still get ill even if they are vaccinated,” St. Luke’s Infectious Disease Physician, Dr. Andrew Thompson says.

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