New Snowfall Brightens Landscape, Doesn’t Stop Dog Owners

DULUTH, Minn. – Several inches of snow Tuesday morning helped to make the Northland look more appropriate for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Most who were clearing it away from sidewalks and driveways had their usual complaints, but one person prefers the light and fluffy flakes.

“I’d rather have snow than cold,” says Curt Timmerman of Duluth, “I mean it stays a little warmer when there is snow.”

Timmerman adds he also doesn’t mind the challenge the snow can bring to the roads.  “Obviously I’ve got a 4-wheel truck, but it’s just maybe the challenge of it.  I just like driving in it. It’s fun. I’d rather drive in snow than ice, at least I know what’s down on the ground to a point.”

Others across the Northland enjoyed the freshly fallen snow with their four legged friends at Jean Duluth Dog Park.

Gloria Isaacson of Duluth, who brought her dog Axle, says they and the other pets and owners welcome the new accumulation during their daily trip.  “The first snowfall this year he just ran around the yard just crazy, pushing up the snow.  He loves it.  He loves to socialize with the other dogs and people, and we like to also socialize a little bit with everybody and see all the other dogs.”

With several more snow chances before Saturday, it’s looking likely that many of us will have a White Christmas this year.

“We needed it,” says Isaacson.  “I like it for Christmas.  Once that is over it can go away, but we got to have it for Christmas.“

Keep up with the latest forecast details here.

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