Duluth’s ‘Sled Sheds’ Are Back This Winter!

DULUTH, Minn. -The Duluth Parks and Rec has brought back “Sled Sheds” this winter.

A free sledding opportunity, Sled Sheds can be utilized by anyone who wants to go out and have some fun in the snow.

These sheds can be found at three locations, Lincoln Park, Leif Erickson Park, Portland Square, and a fourth shed location will be coming soon at Merritt Park.

“The idea is really for people to get outside. The equipment is already there, people can just go have fun. Not everyone has sleds and so sledding is so much fun especially in Minnesota there’s so many great hills that are here, so we planted sled sheds in different parks that have hills so everyone can use them,” Duluth Public Information Officer, Kate Van Daele says.

You can also donate your used sleds to any of the four Sled Shed locations.

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