Large Senior Class Leading Superior Boys Hockey to Strong Start

The Spartans have 21 seniors on their roster that have guided them to a 4-3 start. Superior will head to Green Bay next week for a holiday tournament.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Just a few months ago, the Superior boys hockey team made a return trip to the state championship game. Coming up just short of a title has motivated this year’s team to a 4-3 start.

And the Spartans are in a good position to make another run, as this year’s roster is made up of 21 seniors who have all been playing together for more than a decade. Having that established chemistry has helped them early.

“Excited to actually go and go back to the championship or just a run at state. Especially with how many seniors we’ve got, we’re really motivated to come back,” senior forward Robert Powell said.

“This is a great group of kids, I’ve grown up with this group, my son’s a senior on this team and I’ve seen these guys from the mini mites all the way up to the high school team and I’m kind of going to treasure this season,” head coach Jason Kalin added.

So the Spartans say they need to take that chemistry and start playing more complete games. After dropping back-to-back games, the Spartans then won three straight, so they’re looking for more consistency come the new year.

“Just starting off right in the first period and get motivated right away to play a full game instead of kicking it in late,” Powell said.

“We’ve had our moments. We have our shinning moments where we’re really effective and doing what we’re doing, but we’ve also had those escapable times when we’ve been not so good, we’re not executing the way we should. This team hasn’t yet reached its potential. We’re still in the beginning stages. Once we put it all together, it’s going to be a fun team to watch,” Kalin added.

Superior will head to Green Bay next week for a holiday tournament.

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