Duluth Wakes Up, Digs Out of Blizzard-Like Storm Monday

From shoveling to sledding the snow definitely brought people out and got them busy.

DULUTH, Minn.- Dozens woke up Monday to dig out of the almost one foot of snow that fell across the Twin Ports. But being the Northland, there were some enjoying it too.

“Welcome to Duluth. Get a shovel. get a snowblower, you’re gonna be out here for quite a few hours that’s for sure,” said Tristan Genin.

Genin’s mom decided to capitalize on her son’s winter break to snow blow and shovel the driveway and sidewalks.

“Going great,” Tristan said. “Love the 8 in of snow we got here, 5-8 in. Always nice to wake up early in the morning, not on a school day, and get to waste Christmas break shoveling snow all day.”

Though she wanted to spend quality time with her son, he didn’t exactly think of it that way.

“I think we both just kinda put our heads down and get to it,” he said. “There’s not a lot of talking going on other than a lot of grunting and shoveling.”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t all work and no play for everyone.

The freshly fallen snow, providing the perfect powder for one family.

“We know about this area and we knew we had to hit up some sledding,” Sara Jochems said.

Sara Jochems and her husband went to college and grad school in Duluth, and fell in love with the vibrant nature every season.

While most keep their kids inside on the couch on a day like this, they didn’t want to waste a minute.

“Being outside and being with nature is really important for our family and with mental health and it’s just getting kids away from screens sometimes a lot of times actually and just being outside and finding the beauty with mother nature,” said Jochems.

It may seem like a lot to an outsider, but for many here it’s just an up-north winter.

“We live in Minnesota so this isn’t anything new for us,” Tristan said.

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