Action Packed Movie Theaters As Crowds Funnel Back Into Cinemas

DULUTH, Minn. — Time to get your popcorn, because the lines at the movies are picking up as titles like Spiderman and Ghost Busters are bringing more people to theaters.

Marcus Duluth Cinema in Canal Park is back to full operations, but always gets a little busier around the holidays, and especially during the winter months.

The General Manager of the theater, Shawn Fennessey, says that movies tend to be released more frequently around the holidays, and as more people are looking to get back to the big screen, business has picked up quite a bit.

“You know people were always worried with covid if movies were going to be back in fully swing and they are, they are here to stay and between that and sing, we are having all sorts of different demographics coming in and its great because were selling out movies and people are having fun,” Fennessey said.

Marcus Cinemas also offers specialty days of the week, $5 dollar Tuesdays being one of them for all movie viewings, but other special events can be found on their website.

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