Animal Allies Collecting K9 Friendly Ice Melt, Encouraging Others to Use

DULUTH, Minn. — Ice melt is great for breaking down slippery areas on roads and sidewalks, but it can be very toxic for other members of the family.

Animal Allies is collecting K9 friendly ice melt for their sheltered dogs, and also telling people that normal ice melt can be bad for animals, leaving pets paws irritated which they can lick, and cause them to ingest bad chemicals.

Some pets may even cut their paw on a walk, and the melt can irritate wounds further too, which is why the K9 spread is good to use for you and your pets.

“This time of year, pet friendly ice and snowmelt is a really big deal for us. It gets very windy, cold and snowy up here and we want to make sure were using a product that can be effective for the people walking around but also safe for the dogs that are going to be out on our trails,” Nicole Facciotto, Human Education Manager for Animal Allies said.

To donate to Animal Allies, you can order online and send it to their address, or drop off donations at their center.
It’s easy to find and you can check your local pet and hardware stores as well.

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