Footwear That Will Help Prevent Slipping On Ice 

DULUTH, Minn. — With winter weather hitting the Northland, icy spots are all over the place, even ones you can’t see.

Tortoise And Hare in Duluth sells footwear that provides more traction on the bottom of your feet to help prevent slipping and falling on ice.

The store sells different brands, such as Icebug, which include boots with the traction built-in. They can run about $200.

There are also Corkers, which are spiked rubber cleats you can attach to your shoes.

One employee there says that spikes can help you from taking a nasty fall, whether you’re walking to your car or out enjoying nature.

“It makes a huge difference, I can speak personally to that. I own a pair of ice bugs, I’m on the Lakewalk almost every single day with my dog, and there’s a confidence level wearing these products that you just, you kind of take for granted when you throw your old regular boots back on.”

Another safe way to get across a slippery patch of ice is “walking like a penguin” with your arms out at your side while you shuffle across with your knees slightly bent. It may look silly, but experts say it helps you keep your balance on ice.

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