Police Departments Planning For a Busy New Year’s Eve

SUPERIOR, Wis. — Duluth and Superior police are taking extra precautions for Friday night’s deep freeze, as people celebrate into the New Year.

Police are expecting extra excitement with New Year’s Eve falling on a Friday, and they’re reminding partygoers, if they want to go out and have fun, they need to do it safely, and try to find a ride home instead of getting behind the wheel or risking being outdoors in freezing temperatures.

“We want people to enjoy our downtown, we want people to have a good time, but we want people to be smart, we want people to plan ahead and make sure they have a ride afterwards so that there’s not any danger of getting trapped outside in the cold,” Officer Matt Swanson of the Superior Police Department said.

If you are ready to safely ring in the new year, and want to celebrate past 2:00 A.M. bar close in Duluth, Superior bars are open all night.

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