Ursa Minor Welcomes Guests To Covered Patio For Outdoor Beers

DULUTH, Minn. — One business taking advantage of how hardy Minnesotans can be when the temperatures drop is Ursa Minor Brewing, which is going into its first winter season with an added roof on its patio.

The roof was first added back in August.

The brewery’s founder tells us even before the patio became a little more sheltered from the elements, he was impressed by how many people would want to have a drink outside no matter what month it was.

“I think there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! (laughs)” Ben Hugus, the founder of Ursa Minor Brewing, said. “No, it means a lot to have a full patio even when it’s on those coldest days, especially now we’re in January, you know we’re about to enter the heart of winter where it really can get cold, last year we even had a full patio one day when it was -5.”

The patio also has pellet stove heaters to keep guests warm, and wind blockers from another local business, Frost River.




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