“Freshwater”, Documentary on Lake Superior, Premiers in February

NORTH SHORE, Minn. – Lake Superior will be the focal point of a new documentary set for release next month.

“Freshwater” began with a surfing only focus for filmmaker Ian Planchon after seeing people ride the lake’s waves in 2019.

“I never knew this group of people existed until we started this documentary,” says Planchon.

It has been expanded to include the impact the lake has on Duluth’s economy, as well as the research being done at University of Minnesota-Duluth that can help protect it in the future.

“We’ve got a lot of climate change story in there,” says Planchon.  “We’ve got a lot of really cool character stories, and then we just got a lot of connection with the lake.  That’s really what it’s centered around; how people connect to this amazing body of water.”

Over the time of making this firm, Planchon says he learned a lot about the overall importance this body of freshwater has on the planet.  “As we look towards the future; if we don’t protect this body of water, if we don’t learn from this body of water, how are we going to protect the rest of our freshwater sources?  Something we learned from the scientists is this lake is, while it is large, it’s a great lesson that they can extrapolate from this lake to learn what is happening in the ocean so that they can protect them also.”

The film debuts February 19 at the NorShor Theater.  All proceeds from this event will go towards Large Lakes Observatory.

More details on the film can be found here.

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