‘It’s Sad to See Buildings Burn’: People React to Warehouse Fire

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The two buildings that were destroyed by a fire on Superior’s north side Thursday morning was part of the city’s history since the 1890s.

As people drove by to see what was left of them, many began recalling what it was like to have been inside them, remembering the city’s history that it stored.

“It was kind of like an auction house,” says Chuck Pfisthner.  “Not really an auction, but you could go there and go up and down the elevator to different floors. Now this was quite a few years ago I remember being in there and doing that.  There was many great big old fireplaces and things that were built in the 1800s that were taken apart and stored up there.”

For others, they will miss the legacy these buildings provided this section of the city.

“The Severson building is actually historical, the other one was actually in really, really bad shape,” says Steve Hvimbach, who owns several blocks next to the buildings.  “I can’t tell you, but when you get into building down around here you don’t have the arches and things like that. It’s sad to see buildings burn, but even sadder when they are not maintained.  And older buildings take a lot of work.”

Superior Fire Chief Scott Gordon says whatever is left standing from both buildings will likely be lost as they are leveled.

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