Keeping Pets Warm as Arctic Temps Return

DULUTH, Minn. – The return of arctic temperatures and wind chills means added attention is needed to keep pets safe from the cold.

The Duluth Fire Department says despite their furry appearance and coat of hair, many pets are just like humans and do not like being in the cold for long periods of time.  They recommend people watch for signs of distress to know that they want to find someplace warm such as chunks of snow caught between their toes.

“If you think just how skin can freeze really quickly, it’s the same for them,” says firefighter Katie Sandstrom.  “If they start kind of tip toe around, maybe trying to stay off a paw, it may be an indication that it is too cold for them.”

Pets that spend too much time in the cold could become disoriented, leading to health issues and possible death.  It is also recommended that owners use booties or Vaseline on paws to protect them.

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