Bitter Cold Increases Risk for Dead Car Batteries

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Below zero temperatures can create a number of problems for vehicles, none more prevalent than a battery that isn’t working properly.

One auto mechanic retailer says the design of a vehicle’s alternator helps to keep batteries better charged than in the past, but human error such as leaving lights on or charging chords plugged in after leaving can cause a battery to go dead.

“Normally the batteries are so much more better manufactured,” says Ken Pearson with Auto Value Superior, “and the newer cars; it’s less of a problem.  But once they get drained or low, the cold just zaps the voltage out of them.  And when that happens, its replacement.”

Another car problems that take place more often in the winter include water in the fuel line.  Pearson says this can be remedied by putting an alcohol-based additive in the fuel tank that removes water.

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