A Place for Fido has Pets Covered This Winter

DULUTH, Minn. — This time of year gets cold for us, but also for our pets, and its always a good idea to make sure they have the layers they need to stay warm too.

Just like humans, dogs can get frostbite, especially on their ears, paws, and tails. So when temperatures are below freezing, it’s good to keep the walks outside shorter.

Over at a Place for Fido in Fitger’s, the store sells many type of dog jackets and boots to protect your pup when they’re outdoors.

“Not just snow, but salt that goes on the ice too that really affects their paws so its essential to not only keep their paws protected but some of those little dogs or dogs that don’t have as much hair, they get cold very fast, so its important to make sure they’re comfortable and warm otherwise they might not have a pleasant experience,” said Miranda Johnson, a Team Member at a Place for Fido, said.

If your pup gets salt on their paws during a walk, make sure you wash it off after because some of the chemicals in ice melt can be toxic to them.

Boots can also protect your dogs’ paws in the summer when they’re walking on hot pavement.

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