When Temperatures Go Below Zero, Proper Clothing Important

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Temperatures around zero will keep many of us inside, but there are those who need to go out for work, or who choose to enjoy the outdoors this time of year.

When you do head outside, clothing retailers like Northwest Outlet say it is best to dress in layers so one can adjust their comfort level when they build up a sweat or temperatures warm.

Another tip is to not use the wrong clothing materials, such as wearing something made of cotton next to your skin instead of merino wool or polyesters.

“And that kind of defeats the purpose of what you want that base layer to accomplish,” says Scott Miller, “because as you perspire the cotton just kind of soaks that up like a big sponge and holds it against your body, and then you end up getting cold.”

Supply chain issues have made getting some winter clothing gear tough for Northwest Outlet, but Miller says they have worked their way around them, allowing them to have strong sales during the fall and winter months.

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