Building Material Prices on the Upswing

DULUTH, Minn.-For those looking to build or remodel their homes this year, now is the time to start planning.

Lumber prices are on the upswing right now as production has been slow due to the pandemic. Also, these prices are high due to the doubling of Canadian tariffs, dramatic wildfires, and high demand.

There are still disruptions in the supply chain, which extend lead times, putting a hamper on completion dates, so getting a jump on building prep is recommended.

“Those people that are thinking about doing something this summer or fall really have to get on the move, a lot of the contractors are all booked up for the spring of course and even into the summer. Some have their whole year booked,” Campbell Lumber President, Frank Gerard says.

If you are thinking about getting projects done this year, the suggestion is to start early, plan ahead, and be prepared to have a changing budget.

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