Douglas County Public Health Reports Rapid Rise in New COVID-19 Infections

In the Past 30 Days, 11 Residents Have Been Hospitalized with COVID-19 in Douglas County

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Douglas County Public Health is reporting a steady rise in new COVID-19 cases, with reports coming from PCR and rapid testing.

Throughout the month of December, the health department reported 439 cases. In the first two weeks of 2022, the department has reported 349 new cases.

Officials say the virus is spreading throughout all ages, however, more children and teens are contracting the virus.

A majority of new cases are in unvaccinated individuals.

While the department is seeing a rise in breakthrough cases, these residents are reporting minimal to mild symptoms and often don’t require hospitalizations.

“The amount of vaccination we’ve seen has significantly impacted that. We are seeing much fewer hospitalizations, much less severity of illness, and in the last 30 days with the 11 people, we’ve had reports of hospitalized, about two-thirds of them have been unvaccinated,” said Kathy Ronchi, Douglas County Public Health Officer.

As for the recent reinstatement of the mask mandate in Superior Public Schools, Ronchi says she’s in full support of the new measure, but also understands the situation is constantly changing and needs to be revisited on a regular basis.

“I think they did the right thing by trying to go without and we see a surge in cases and then you respond accordingly in a way that makes sense. They did exactly the right thing I think,” said Ronchi.

Superintendent Amy Starzecki says the district’s COVID response plan is always subject to change as they monitor how the virus spreads within the district’s eight campuses, not necessarily the spread throughout the City of Superior.

Starzecki reminds parents that they regularly post the transmission rates within schools online.

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