Medial Professionals Tell How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter Months

DULUTH, Minn. — Even though it’s a little warmer today the cold can still pay a huge toll on the health of your skin and professionals remind us how important it is to cover up.

We get some of the harshest winters in the US up here, and the frigid temps can dry our skin out while also creating long term problems.

Doctors from the St. Luke’s Rejuvenation Center say the cold and getting frost bite or nip can ruin your skin, but the sun can also reflect off of snow giving you sun burns, so wearing moisturizer and sunscreen year-round is a good habit to get in to.

“You may not think about hydration in the winter as much cause you’re not hot, but it’s important, it’s probably even more important than the summer because you are losing a lot of moisture through your skin, so hydrate, drink water, the other thing to bear in mind is after you shower, that’s when you put on your moisturizer, you can kind of catch some of that moisture from the shower and keep it in your skin as opposed to losing it,” Dr. Amy Hwang, Medical Director, St. Luke’s Rejuvenation Center said.

Doctor Hwang says using a thicker cream or moisturizer is good every day in the winter but it’s also good to incorporate vitamin c and other rejuvenations as well.

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