Red Cross Blood Crisis Continues in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn. — As the blood shortage crisis continues throughout the country, the Northland Red Cross chapter is doing what they can to keep donation numbers up.

Since the pandemic, donation levels have decreased by 10%.

And while getting donors has been a challenge, finding volunteers to work drives has also been hard.

But now the Red Cross is promoting the biggest drive they have ever held, in the Northern part of the state, sponsored by Delta Airlines, and they hope the turnout will at least help address some of the blood crisis.

“Those staffing concerns and problems really lead themselves to us having, at the same time we need as much blood as possible, having trouble with keeping drive staff, so were working really hard to make sure that happens and again when drives happen its really critical that we fill up those drives and collect the blood that’s needed,” Dan Williams, Executive Director, Northern Minnesota Red Cross, said.

The drive will be held in Hibbing January 21st and is open to the public.

The Red Cross reminds people to sign up, but if not able to make it, call and let them know so that others can take their donor spot.

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