Wisconsin Healthcare Systems Under Pressure

Wisconsin healthcare systems are still under pressure due to the increase of COVID cases and staffing shortages.

In Wisconsin, 95 percent of intensive and intermediate care beds are currently in use, and 13,000 thousand new cases were reported in the state.

To provide relief to Wisconsin hospitals, since October, DHS has recruited 626 new healthcare workers, and the state is reconfiguring the deployment of the Wisconsin National Guard personal.

As of Thursday, they have placed 50 guard members at six skilled nursing facilities around the state. This effort is expected to free up about 78 post-acute care beds.

“What we do know is that thankfully the numbers of cases are spiking so dramatically as everyone has noted, vaccinations are protective and so we do believe we will continue to see some leveling of death rates in the state due to the high prevalence and growing prevalence of people being vaccinated,” Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Karen Timberlake says.

Wisconsin vaccinators have administered more than 1.7 million booster and additional doses of the vaccine as 58.6 percent of the state has completed their vaccination series.

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