Duluth Marshall’s Amanda Boulier Talks Multi-Million Dollar Investment into Premier Hockey Federation

The move is the largest one-time investment in women's professional hockey.

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – The Premier Hockey Federation announced Tuesday that their Board of Governors will be investing $25 million in direct payments to its players over the next three years.

The move is the largest one-time investment in women’s professional hockey, doubling each team’s salary cap for the upcoming season and includes full healthcare benefits and maternity leave for the players.

“We’re all certainly looking forward to those that want to pursue this as a full-time career can now do so. You have young girls like my Marshall team here. It’s real exciting for me to picture them now believing in that dream and knowing that just like their male peers in class when they say they want to be a professional hockey player full-time, they can too,” Boston Pride defenseman and Duluth Marshall girls hockey coach Amanda Boulier said.

The PHF is also looking into adding two more teams to its six-team league, including one in Montreal and another in the United States.

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