AICHO Providing At-Home Covid Tests To Community

DULUTH, Minn. — The Niiwin Indigenous Food Market, formerly known as the Fourth Street Market, opened its doors this afternoon for AICHO’s bi-weekly food distribution and they are giving out something for the first time which they feel will really benefit people.

The food giveaway provides 200 pairs of bags for families and people who need it. The food is either donated or purchased by AICHO’s, but they say they usually distribute all of their food during every market.

One thing they added in today’s distribution were at-home covid tests. With so many people contracting the virus, tests are in high demand and AICHO is happy to provide.

“There’s been a very positive reaction, this is our first time doing that so I wasn’t sure how the flow would be for that, but a lot of people have wanted them, so definitely seems like people are thankful for that, we have a lot of people that are appreciative, and we appreciate that and yeah we keep seeing the feedback that people want this,” Dominic Bisogno, the Food Distribution Coordinator, said.

The next food distribution will be held February 2nd at the Niiwin Market, on the 100th block of E 4th Street.

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