Duluth Candy Company Celebrates National Popcorn Day

DULUTH, Minn. – Today is national popcorn day and the owners at Duluth Candy Company are celebrating by offering 20% off on their small and medium sized popcorn from their warming case. On some of these cold winter days in Duluth, warm popcorn can do the body good.

“You know it’s cool because it’s this tiny little seed that can become all kinds of different things. It can become cheesy, it can become sweet, it can become savory. We do candied, gourmet popcorns that you just can’t get anywhere else, and our caramel is just the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere in the world. And you know what, popcorn is a grain so you can eat it for breakfast,” said co-owner Tami Siebert.

In addition to all the varieties of popcorn they offer, the Duluth Candy Company is getting ready for Valentine’s Day and will have something for that special someone you are trying to impress.

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