Duluth Playhouse Having To Adjust Operations Once Again

DULUTH, Minn. — Many businesses have felt the impacts of covid and have had to re-assess operations but the live performance industry might be one of the few that has needed to keep adjusting the most.

The Duluth Playhouse has had to change their plans many times now. And with transmission rates being so high with the omicron variant lately, there will be no lights, camera or action at the theater again this January or February.

They have had to cancel three productions so far this year, and postponing another one until late summer.

Keeping up with how covid affects those involved in the shows and the audiences has become part of running the playhouse.

“We’re taking January as a breath, and the beginning of February to hopefully let the transmission rates go down, and then our spring class programming starts mid to late February and then we have rag time at the Norshore in March,” Wes Drummond, the Executive Director of Duluth Playhouse said.

The theater will re-asses requirements on March 6th to see if they can move forward in a more normal capacity but they hope to return in full force after this pause.

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