Demand for Meat Loaf Records Expected to Increase

SUPERIOR, Wis.-Rock icon Meat Loaf passed away on Friday at the age of 74. Worldwide, Bat Out of Hell, Meat Loaf’s debut album from 1977 currently sits at the number 4 spot for most records ever sold, it’s rock opera sound and iconic cover art keeping it in popular demand.

Over at Vinyl Cave in Superior, located inside Globe News, Meat Loaf records never tend to stay on the shelf very long. With the passing of the artist, owner Tom Unterberger believes demand for these records will keep on rocking.

“Meat Loaf really took it to a new level and it was all Meat Loaf, everything. Say rock opera, it’s Meat Loaf. It doesn’t so much change the value, but it does change the demand. It’ll definitely change demand. We will have people in all day looking for Meat Loaf albums and unfortunately I don’t have any,” Owner, Tom Unterberger says.

While Meat Loaf albums may be hard to come by there, the Vinyl Cave has roughly 10 thousand records available.

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