Duluth Plow Drivers: Garbage Cans Left On Streets Won’t Survive

DULUTH, Minn. – If you’ve got your garbage cans all over the street right now, the city of Duluth’s snow plow drivers are hoping you’ll get those cans out of the way so they don’t blast through them when the next snow falls.

The city says it’s actually illegal to place your garbage cans and recycle bins in the right of way.

Geoff Vukelich, street maintenance operations coordinator for the city of Duluth, said his plow drivers have enough to worry about when plowing 500 miles of city streets.

“We’re not going to swerve around all of the garbage cans. That’s going to cause more problems.” Vukelich said.  “That little bit of compliance we’re asking of people will ultimately help you have a cleaner street, a safer street and hopefully won’t wreck your garbage can.”

Vukelich said the city has also been in contact with garbage hauling companies to make sure they are also keeping trash cans out of the street after emptying them.

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