Earth Rider Brewery to Hold Mini Dog Sled Fundraiser for Beargrease Marathon

SUPERIOR, WI – For the past several years leading up to the Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon, a mini dog sled race is held and this year it will take place at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior.  This event acts as a fundraiser for the Beargrease and is sure to be great family fun.

“I think it’s going to be a really unique experience to have these little tiny dogs running, pulling these little tiny sleds, and it’s going to be a warm-up on Saturday, so we’re really looking forward to the warmer weather and people being able to get out, stand around a fire.  We’ll have the fire pits going, and just a really good time for the community to come together and support the Beargrease, which is an awesome event for our Twin Ports area,” said Earth Rider Brewing founder Tim Nelson.

The event is open to everybody free of charge, and Earth Rider will have commemorative Beargrease pints where half the proceeds go to the Marathon.  Gates will open on Saturday at 1 and races start at 2.

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