Beargrease Veterinarians Set Up to Aid Along the Way

DULUTH, Minn. — Although blue skies and warmer temps Saturday morning felt great for spectators, it was a little bit of a worry for vets.

The main concern was the warmer weather, and how it is for the dogs. The Beargrease veterinarians monitor the dogs the whole way to make sure they’re recovering properly and eating.

Minor injuries can happen along the way, but if it’s too warm, or the dogs are working too hard, there is a risk for a muscle disease to develop.

So vets are stationed at every check point to give the best care they can, and it’s a job they love.

“Every dog gets many physical exams on the trail, it’s just really cool to see the dogs, that’s why everyone’s is these canine athletes, they’re just amazing, and clearly all the people here are dedicating their lives to it so that’s why,” Katie Neshek, Head Veterinarian for Beargrease said.

While marathon runners start with 12 dogs, they may leave some at check points along the way for health concerns.

But the vets are on it, and there will be crews at each of the 6 checkpoints between start and finish to take care of the dogs.

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