KYN: The Local Bar and Grille in Ashland is Open for Business

ASHLAND, Wis. – “We are really excited to be a part of the community here,” The Local Bar and Grille co-owner, Bradley Moullet says.

A new restaurant in Ashland, Wisconsin is open for business. The Local Bar and Grille opened in December and has taken over a building known for hosting events in the community.

“It has a lot of legacy; this is kind of the cool part about this place is there is a lot of history. Everyone has their special memories here, we had a couple people tear up when they first walked in and just felt like oh my God it’s so nice to see it back to life again,” The Local Bar and Grille co-owner, Natalie Skinnes says.

Owning and operating a restaurant has been a lifelong dream for Natalie Skinnes, Mike Skinnes, and Brad Moullet.

“So, the three of us, my husband and our business partner Brad, we’ve all sort of been friends forever and wanted to open a restaurant collectively with our different backgrounds,” Natalie says.

“Growing up here, did a lot of things outdoors, moved away for culinary school. Came back, didn’t really think we’d jump into this right away,” The Local Bar and Grille co-owner, Mike Skinnes says.

But the stars had aligned for the entrepreneurs as they had stirred up a recipe to make their dream come true. To keep this dream intact, a stellar menu must be made.

“I grew up in Wisconsin, so you know we’ve got fish fry Fridays, this Saturday we are starting prime rib Saturdays,” Brad says.

Buying local product is important to the owners as they buy their fish from Bodin’s, and in the summer hope to buy their vegetables locally as well.

“Taste testing, we came up with our menu items we kind of geared it toward the golf course a little towards Wisconsin supper club,” Brad says.

Owner Natalie says the best way to define the menus style is pub fair.

“We’ve been calling it pub fair, it’s a classic traditional menu with some little twits. We have some good burgers, really good steaks, pork chops, pork tenderloins, but then we have some more fun dishes like a roasted squash salad a seared ahi tuna in the appetizer menu. So, trying to bring some creative meals and dishes but also stick with the good hearty classics too,” Natalie says.

The restaurant would like to have a revolving menu through the seasons as fresh product is made available. The Local Bar and Grille in Ashland is open seven days a week from 11 in the morning until 8.

“Kind of surreal, I mean never thought that I’d ever own this building or run a restaurant out of it, but I think it makes it that much cooler,” Mike says.

Reporting in Ashland with photojournalist Marcus Asmus, Mason Kroll, Fox 21 Local News.

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