7 Water Main Breaks in Morgan Park

DULUTH, Minn. — More than a half-dozen water main breaks in the Morgan Park neighborhood have kept Duluth City crews busy since 8:30 Tuesday morning.

The first break put too much pressure on other pipes causing additional breaks.

Water was cut off to about 50 homes at one point in and around 90th and 93rd Avenues West.

Crews are working 12-hour shifts to dig up and fix the broken pipes, and on Tuesday night, they’re doing all that work in 14-degree weather.

“I think it’s going to go in stages, as they main breaks are fixed, they turn on a section, and then they keep turning on another section and then they go from there, these guys are doing a great job as you can tell, its cold out, been working all day and they’ll be out here probably all night long too,” Mark Proulx, Public Works And Utilities Supervisor said at the site.

Repairs are still underway as of Tuesday night. Crews will continue to work throughout the night until everything is back up and running.

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