JJ Astor, Bowery Bros. to Receive Rebranding, $500,000 in Renovations

Both Establishments Are Expected to Open in the Spring of 2022

DULUTH, Minn. – A Twin Cities-based restaurant company is looking to invest over a half-million dollars into the two restaurants associated with the iconic Radisson hotel in Duluth.

Purpose Driven Restaurants will be taking over, and renovating the current JJ Astor Restaurant and Lounge and Bowery Bros.

The iconic rotating restaurant atop the Radisson will continue to spin when renovations are complete.

The CEO and Chef of Purpose Driven says JJ Astor will become the Apostle Supper Club, with a 1960s Palm Springs-themed vibe complete with a new cocktail lounge, rounded booths, and warm colors. The menu will feature prime rib carts, salad bars, ribs, a fish fry, and fresh bread.

As for Bowery Bros., it will become a tiki bar-themed venue.

The company donates a portion of all its proceeds to the charitable organization, Give Hope MN, which is focused on feeding and providing support to families, those in need, and our community.

“We’ve worked with a ton of food shelters and food insecurities within hospitality workers and stipends to help hospitality workers pay their rent and maybe keep from getting their cars repossessed. That’s been very big on our hearts for the last couple of years, we’ve given out almost 300,000 free meals,” said Brian Ingram, CEO, and Chef of Purpose Driven Restaurants.

Ingram has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant business.

He currently runs Hope Breakfast Bar and The Gnome Craft Pub in the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Construction is set to begin within the next few weeks. The plan is to have both establishments open by this spring.

Click here to learn more about Purpose Driven Restaurants.

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