Sen. Smith Introduces Legislation to Improve Veteran Hearing Benefits

DULUTH, Minn. – Minnesota Senator Tina Smith (D) is trying her hardest to make sure veterans have quick, easy access to obtaining care for hearing loss.

Smith recently introduced legislation to reduce the red tape many vets face when trying to get care for hearing loss as a result of their service.

Right now, if veterans wish to receive benefits through the V-A, they must document hearing loss or tinnitus incurred while in the line of duty in order to qualify for benefits when seeking treatment.

After Smith hosted a “Veterans Listening Tour” in 2018, she says this was one of the biggest issues facing Minnesota veterans.

The new legislation called “Veterans Hearing Benefits Act of 2022” looks to break down those barriers.

“This is just common sense to me that we shouldn’t force veterans to have to go back and prove they lost their hearing. They have hearing loss because of the work they did, being around loud noises for long periods of time when we know that’s damaging,” said Sen. Smith.

Senator Smith says the bill is currently moving through the house, and will then progress to the Senate.

She’s hopeful the legislation receives bipartisan support, as this issue impacts veterans across the entire nation.

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