Northern Star: Kolbin Carter

For this week's segment, we feature a Proctor basketball player who has made a big impact in his first year back in the Northland.

PROCTOR, Minn. – Kolbin Carter has always called the Northland home.

“It’s a great community, everyone accepts you, everybody’s close,” Carter said.

But after his freshman year of high school, his family got new jobs and they moved to Las Vegas. Three years later, they moved back and now Carter is playing basketball with the Proctor Rails.

“When I was able to come back, I was excited. Get to spend the rest of my time with my family and stuff. It was good. Everybody accepted me pretty quick,” Carter said.

“Kolbin joined us this summer, he came up here to play with his cousin. He came to a bunch of open gyms and he kept saying oh I’m going to play with you guys and until we saw him come in, it was kind of like OK. But he’s been a huge addition to our team,” head coach Cole Lipinski added.

And he’s made an immediate impact for the Rails, bringing confidence onto the court and leading the team in scoring and rebounding.

“His favorite player he loves to emulate is Kobe Bryant and the ‘Mamba Mentality’ and all of that. He really enjoys that and he brings that every day. Every shot, you knew was going in. His confidence, it’s just a great thing to see when he gets rolling like that,” Lipinski said.

“Moving states and stuff, you really have to show you’re confident and you have to show it on the court and off of the court,” Carter added.

Carter’s also brought leadership to a very young Rails team.

“Having a guy that can bring in leadership and experience that we were lacking and help us play right away helped out a lot,” Lipinski said.

And although their record isn’t what the Rails were hoping for, Carter’s impact will be felt for years to come.

“Just them playing with him and getting to see what a dynamic scorer he is, what it takes to get there, it’s really shown especially to our younger guys. He goes in and helps our younger guys once or twice a week. He’s setting us up big time,” Lipinski said.

“It was definitely a great opportunity that I had,” Carter said of moving back home and joining the Rails.

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