Hot and Cold Valentine’s Day Weekend: Couples Take Glass-Blowing Classes, Snowshoe through Glensheen

Glass-Blowing Classes and Snowshoe with Your Sweetie continue on Monday.

DULUTH, Minn.- Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, which might only make room for a dinner date night. But some local lovebirds and sweethearts from out of town stretched the holiday over the weekend maximizing together time getting hot and cold with activities throughout Duluth.

Things heated up –literally — at Lake Superior Art Glass’s Hot Shop. They were busy all weekend with their immersive glass blowing classes

“This weekend we’ve actually had all but two of the classes booked out and which has been really great especially in the middle of February,” said Amber Nichols, General Manager. “And even tomorrow which being a Monday we’ve got most of our classes booked out I still have a few openings but not many.”

Couples signed up to make their own wine goblets or glass flower bouquets.

“It was kind of cool to learn a new skill,” said Hunter Winner, in town with his wife Brittney from Oakdale, Minnesota, making wine goblets. “And kind of explore our creative side together.”

They could also make vases which were sent to Superior Blooms floral shop Downtown to fill with flowers.

“So many times that you do anything with a loved one it’s always special,” Nichols said.

“And when you can do an experience that is very unique like this it creates a bond I think between the people and it creates also a piece that you also get to take home and you get to visualize and see every day,” she said.

For couples like the Winners, it was a new challenge to tackle together.

“It was great it was hard to be patient with the glass and warm it up and cool it off at the right times but it was really fun to mix in the colors and try all that stuff,” Brittney said. “And then the spin and turn, twist and push and pull,” added Hunter. “Kind of nuanced.”

Meanwhile across town at Glensheen Mansion, something a bit less nuanced, but a bit more active.

“It is definitely cold out right now but as it is cold like this it’s also very pretty,” said Sophia Huf, hospitality crew member.

Guests could “Snowshoe with Your Sweetie”, a free trek throughout the Glensheen grounds along the lake.

“Getting a chance to actually go through the estate instead of just looking at it,” Huf said, “it really gives you a chance to immerse yourself.”

Hot chocolate and coffee were also available inside to warm back up.

“It’s pretty nice out right now and we’ve got great snow to actually allow for snowshoeing which wasn’t really an opportunity last year,” said Huf, “and yeah it’s just a really fun couple’s activity I guess.”

Both options to admire and create beauty, and lasting memories.

“It’s kind of cool we’ll be able to see it and use it together,” Brittney said. “For many years to come,” Hunter replied.

According to Nichols Sunday, there were still a few classes open on Monday with sign-up online. Snowshoeing with Your Sweetie also continues through Valentine’s Day.

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