Aerial Lift Bridge to Undergo Routine Maintenance this Week

Maintenance is expected to wrap up on Friday.

DULUTH, MN – Construction crews started work on Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge Monday morning which is done every year while the shipping season is closed.

Several maintenance tasks are put off until winter that can’t be done while ships are coming and going.

With the bridge not going up every 30 minutes, crews are able to perform their routine maintenance to make sure everything is operating as it should when the shipping season opens again.

“Now of course we have no traffic.  No boat traffic.  So it’s ideal if we need to take the bridge out of service to do something, we can take it out for a week at a time.  If we don’t do this preventative stuff, then we have to worry about the emergency stuff later on.  So by doing this during the winter, we’re preventing any type of emergency.  It’s not to say something can’t happen, unforeseen, but as long as we keep up on the preventative maintenance, it lessens the odds of that happening,” said Aerial Lift Bridge supervisor Dave Campbell.

The bridge will remain open to vehicle traffic while the maintenance is being done, though the bayside sidewalk will be closed this week.  Maintenance is expected to wrap up on Friday.

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