US Could See a Century’s Worth of Sea Rise in Just 30 Years


(AP) – A federal report warns that America’s coasts will be hit hard by an ever faster sea-level rise between now and the year 2050.

Tuesday’s report by seven federal agencies predicts about a foot on average of sea-level rise in the next 30 years.

That’s the same amount as in the past 100 years.

By 2050, seas lapping against the U.S. shore will be 10 to 12 inches higher, with parts of Louisiana and Texas projected to see waters a foot and a half higher, according to a 111-page report issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and six other federal agencies.

“Make no mistake: Sea level rise is upon us,” said Nicole LeBoeuf, director of NOAA’s National Ocean Service.

The Gulf Coast, especially Texas and Louisiana, will get hit hardest.

The Atlantic coast will also see higher than average sea level rise. It will be less on the Pacific coast. Scientists warn that these higher seas from climate change will mean more coastal floods on sunny days when it isn’t storming.

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