55th Annual Duluth Sport Show Back At DECC

DULUTH, Minn. — The 55th Duluth Sport Show is back at the DECC and people are excited to take a shot at some of their favorite or new outdoor activities.

The show unfortunately had to take some time off due to the pandemic, so after two years of silence, duck calls, trout ponds, and crowds filled the DECC once again.

“We all love the outdoors and this is a great event featuring all of the great outdoors and all the vendors here are related to the outdoors so it’s a good feeling to be back,” Chris Navratil, Show Manager said.

The event has been held in a virtual format in the past years, and these shows mean more to businesses, as it allows them to make face to face connections with customers.

“Yeah, we’re more of a shake hands kind of business. Our online shop is very strong these days from the covid days anyway but having a physical show and shake hands, making deals is all about the show,” Shark Kishida, Floor Manager for Marine General said.

With well more than 150 vendors all connected to outdoor adventures, each vendor had something for everyone.

“It’s just a good family, wholesome entertainment and it’s really fun to watch these little kids catch their first fish here and stuff and see how excited they are, it’s just, it’s a really neat experience,” Kevin Vogel, Owner Of The Trout Tank said.

There are fishing clinics, boats and RV’s to check out, and also the Wild World of Animal shows for entertainment.

“It’s just a good family fun event to attend and so we hope to be able to welcome everyone and just come indoors and have a good time and think about spring,” Navratil said.

But it’s a win-win situation for both attendees and vendors, because everyone is able to benefit from the show.

“[It] started out pretty strong, we got a lot of traffic, I wasn’t expecting this many traffic right off the bat so, everybody’s happy, everybody’s having good time,” Kishida said.

The show will be set up at the DECC until Sunday. Adult admission is $10 and children are $6.

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