One Billion Invested Into Cleaning and Restoring Areas of The Great Lakes

DULUTH, Minn. — Earlier Thursday, President Biden visited Lorain, Ohio, touting a major investment to pump one billion dollars into a great lakes restoration program impacting communities from Duluth to parts of New York.

This announcement from the president and the EPA means that we will see a significant portion of that money fund rehabilitating Lake Superior.

This investment is a direct result of the bipartisan infrastructure law that will focus on areas of concern that are severely degrading.

The money will help address nutrient reduction activities protect against invasive species and monitor the health of the lakes as well.

By targeting these spots, the improvements will filter into the great lakes hopefully creating a long-lasting environmental, economic, and recreational benefits.

“Ecologically, this is the world’s largest fresh water estuary, estuaries have disproportionate importance to the ecological health of the larger bodies of water that they feed in to. So, with the saint louis rivers restored health, so too comes the improved health of Lake Superior, so its enormously important,” Jim Filby Williams, Director of Property, Parks and Libraries for the City of Duluth said.

From Minnesota to the East, there are 25 remaining areas of concern to target over the next 8 years out of the original 31.

“We’re gonna accelerate cleanup of sites across six states in the great lakes basin from Duluth, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gary, Indiana, Buffalo, New York and everywhere in between,” President Joe Biden said.

It’s unknown right now how much of the funding will be dedicated to Lake Superior and Duluth. The EPA expects work to be done on 22 of the remaining 25 areas of concern by 2030 and the Saint Louis River area would be one of them.

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