Secret Forest Playschool Embraces the Cold

DULUTH, Minn. – During the colder months, being outside is more essential than being stuck indoors for one local pre-school.

Secret Forest Playschool, a play-based nature preschool in Duluth, strives to preserve childhood by letting kids play outside everyday. By being outside, the children are able to learn about the importance of mother nature whether it relates to the sun, rain, or snow.

The hope is that through the seasons, the experiences gathered will be a beneficial way to prepare the children for what is to come.

“There’s a lot of value in the social-emotional development of a child and that comes first and academics come later. And, if you don’t have that foundation they’re not really prepared for their next environment,” Secret Forest Playschool Founder and Lead Teacher, Meghan Morrow says.

On Thursday, the kids helped prepare corn bred muffins which were placed along the trail, then made guesses as to what kinds of animals would come along to eat the treats.

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