The Champs Are Here, Trio Of Greyhound Skiers Win Championships At State Tourney

As a team, the Nordic girls finished in second while the alpine girls came in fourth.

DULUTH, Minn. — It was a great showing at the state tournament for the Duluth East Alpine, and Nordic ski teams, as they braved the elements to bring home some hardware.

Lauren Carlson took home first place in the slalom event for alpine skiing, and that is the Greyhound’s first individual girl’s championship in 16 years.

Carlson raced at state last year but fell during one of her runs, so making a comeback this year means a little bit more for her.

“A lot of what ski racing is, it’s just mental like getting in the right mindset and like convincing yourself that all the training that you’ve done throughout the season and that to have the confidence to do well, and I knew I could physically do well, I just needed to be in the right mindset, and I was able to do that,” Lauren Carlson, 2022 State Champion, said.

And her head coach, Joe Macor added, “We we’re all so excited for her and her teammates were, she’s put in a lot of time and effort over the last several years and she has to be mentally and physically prepared for the day and she went out and she was and she earned it”.

On the Nordic skiing side of things, Liesl Cope-Schaeffer, and Rowan Bixler won the state sprint title narrowly beating out Forest Lake by .25 seconds.

The event is new to the state tournament, and adds a different element to the traditional races.

Rowan Bixler, a sophomore at Duluth East, and 2022 State Champion, said, “”It’s a skate, sprint relay so each person does a leg and then tags off to the next person, and each person does two legs. It’s definitely a Jew experience because I’m used to like racing an individual race but it was fun”.

And her teammate, Liesel Cope-Schaeffer, also a sophomore and 2022 State Champion added, “Yeah it was really exciting, I wasn’t expecting it, I was just hoping to get into the finals but then there wasn’t a finals so we just had to go as hard as possible and see what happens. It feels really great to know that we’re like the first team to do this, and to do it together is really cool”

As a team, the Nordic girls finished in second while the alpine girls came in fourth.

For the boys, Carl Morse and James Kyer came in second for the new sprint relay, and the Nordic and Alpine teams finished in second and fifth place, respectively.

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